I woke on Sunday thinking how quiet it seemed. I didn’t for one second believe I would open my blinds to snow. Snow that actually settles as opposed to immediately turn to brown sludge! I have been in London for 4 years and have yet to see such a vision. Of course this may have something to do with living by a park as of two months ago. I have honestly never seen as many children out in one place, what a joy! Snow has hijacked them away from their various devices. No questions asked. This is series business, a soldier answering to a command. Make shift sledges made and ready, yes Mam, snowman accessories in bag, yes Sir, gloves, hats and scarfs, done. I love snow days the world seems upside down just at that moment. I can say this as I didn’t have the burden of getting to work as it was a Sunday or being anywhere but here. Dogs stare blankly at the weird white substance while the parents run around and throw themselves down the nearest hillside. Joy all round, before the cold sets into your fingers and toes. I still don’t have the right foot ware for this situation. I managed to get a few shots while it was still snowing. I didn’t approach this in a professional manor due to wanting to just observe and enjoy. Saggy brolly in front of my face, snow coming in from any direction I wanted to walk in I stole a few shots. Thought I would share, enjoy.