I have recently been lucky enough to travel to South America and my eyes have been opened to a wonderful spectrum of color and texture. The trip started in la Paz, Bolivia, cut across to Argentina and ended in Santiago, Chile. I only saw a small fraction of these countries but many, many miles were covered (in a truck), altitudes scaled-peaking up to 5000 ft, dramatic landscapes witnessed and friends made. On my return to London all felt a little grey and looking through some of my pictures I can see why. Vibrant colors and texture were plenty, even in the baron desert areas which were also ‘plenty’ on this trip. The highlights had to be the dramatic landscapes of the Bolivian Altiplano and the moonscapes of The Atacama, Chile. This was a little different for me as a photographer usually being completely people focused so I enjoyed the variation. I have selected some images to offer a glimpse of these places through my camera’s eye, starting in a street party in La Paz.


La Paz, Bolivia


The Altiplano


The Atacama, Chile & sleeping dog, Bolivia.