I have been lucky enough to travel and take pictures for work this year, whoop! Although there was no time for play it was a really interesting trip were we got to meet many artisans & workers in multiple locations across India. This really was a whistle stop tour and at much of it was spent watching the comings and goings of Indian life out of the car window. Occasionally I would shout “stop” I want to take a picture to the driver… this didn’t cause to much trouble on the road at all! So myself and the content writer went on our mission namely busting into peoples workplaces (pre planned as much as possible) to take pictures and conduct personal interviews with the help of our overly qualified interpreter Mr Singh. He is a professor and was just helping us out, this is the sort of hospitality we continued to receive over our short trip although it was not at all so smooth when Mr Singh wasn’t there. Luckily most people found the whole thing entertaining and thankfully were not annoyed with us interrupting their day..I hope! We met some great people and had many laughs also witnessed a whole host of skills such as block carving, mud printing, indigo dyeing, basket weaving, screen printing, wood carving.. you get the idea. There’s a lot more to the story but I thought I would start with showing a few pics in alternate order some work portraits and on the road pics over a few posts.


Amer Fort / Man in The Pink City, Jaipur


Akbar, Wood Carver.



Solitary Kite, Bagru



Mullah, Block Carver, Sitapura.



Girl with Goats, somewhere on the road in Jaipur.



Women hanging freshly dyed yarn, Jaipur.



Ratiram & Sahadeo, Screen Printers, Jaipur.



Men setting of fireworks for the kits festival (still ringing in my ears) The Pink City.



Dillip, Spray man, Dehli.



Buffalo Market, on the road to Amer.



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