Not one to shy away from slightly obsessive street style snapping, I felt in my element on a short trip to Italy recently. I stayed in a tiny little bay side village in Northern Italy called Rapollo. This was the most relaxing few days I have had in a while (much needed) and I fell in love with Rapollo. The place has so much charm, color (love the color), style, substance, not to mention great food. I am besides myself that I didn’t take my camera whilst sunbathing and missed the kids fashion show on the beach… it was hilarious but probably for the best! I heard a voice which sounded just like my Italian Grandma’s used to, this resonated with me and I found a particular interest in taking pictures of the Italian Gran’s as a result (will put the collection up on the blog soon with the rest). I took a couple of mixed formats to shoot on as usual. Enjoy travel “Ones destination is never a place but a new way of seeing things” – Henry Miller.


Amore Italia blog 2 & 3 will be along soon.



This is Portifino where you will find the most ridiculous sized boats that I would like to own (out of shot).. I imagine belonging to footballers, gangsters or famous actors.