If you get the chance please do go to the Sensing Spaces exhibition at the Royal Academy of Arts. I was asked to go along one evening to shoot the RA’s youth group ‘interacting’ within the space. It is truly fascinating. Although I could not fully immerse myself in the huge playful installations created by some of the most creative architectural minds I looked on in awe as others did. I did at times gasp with excitement and have a childlike sensation walking through, up, round, over space… fun!



Talking of impressive spaces I did my first job for Quintessentially Events earlier this year at Soho’s house of St Barnabas. This was a press launch for the failry impressive company and a fairly impressive location..and best of all free nibbles. It doesn’t take much to win me over! Here is a couple of pics from the eve including just a peek of the fantastic floral display -including the moss on the tables and one of the head speakers.