I couldn’t go to the Chinese New year celebrations without considering the ‘street studio’. The street studio started last year at Notting Hill festival and I was quite happy with the results. This year I wanted to focus so much more on the lighting, delivery and time with people (the fun bit), however this was almost impossible. SO BUSY! Yes of course it is; it’s London! I am still getting my head round how busy it can get here, it’s been about 9 months now and I am in awe of the crowds. The Street studio is a no expense spared set up – er hum, which enables me to separate individuals from the crowd. When the streets are full to burst and there is a faint fear of being trampled, people go in and out of vision. Here I can take people who have gone to a place, out of a place with the simplicity of the set up. I can’t deny it was very hard, with no room to shoot. When I did get one set up I would have seconds and a load of fellas with torpedo sized lenses reproducing every shot I took. One guy actually said, “so is this all your going to take pictures of, just people on a plain backdrop” as he snapped away. “I have a better lens than you so mine will probably come out better” Cheers mate, I think you may be missing the point though. I love this kind of challenge, it’s definitely good practice and leaves you thirsty for shooting more. I would have liked to experienced the festival more and have time to buy some trinkets, eat some lovely Chinese food (the smells were driving me crazy), oh but a very nice man brought my assistant and I some spring rolls :). This is the main downside, but according to friends they did struggle a bit to move around. People. London. People.