With the New years festivities neatly tucked away in the memory banks it’s time to get back on the horse. For me it has been a fair start to the year, with promising projects in the pipeline. It has mainly been noses firmly placed to the desk top. However I have had the occasional breather teaching our ever eager students at Frui. I have also shot a summer product campaign for Lagom & Gabrielle Parker in the dreary grey of winter. Now this is something I am acustom to, shooting outdoors, being cold and controlling the seasons! . I do like shooting in the studio of course but it’s up to the client so I try to rise to the challenge.


January has also seen a couple of mini festivals, namely the Ice Sculpting Festival at canary Warf. I also shot a rather fun band promo with lovely Brighton lads Fujyia & Myagi. This involved dripping icing onto faces.. you will see what I mean when they are ready to go. Believe it or not the boys have never been to Japan, but they hoped the name choice would take them there one day.


I have also been continuing my ‘shadows and light’ series. I suppose for me it’s enjoyable to strip it back to the basics and just study light as a form. The area I live in is somewhat unappealing. The houses seem sparse and without life, which is not the case. This design fascinates me for it’s deception.


Below: Lagom /summer collection. Shadows & light. Morning Mist. Shadows and light + Behind the scenes on F & M shoot. ice Sculpting Festival. Shadows & Light.