Hello and welcome to my website, here you will find some samples of my personal work, portraiture, street style and an events page.

I am a self taught photographer with a multi disciplined creative background. I am originally trained in video production and found photography along the way. For me it’s a passion as well as a job. I really enjoy the creative process behind the shoot from the initial concept to the art direction. Hugely passionate about film I am interested in story telling which I like to translate even in the smaller more intimate portraits. ‘Loose’ and ‘organic’ would be a way to describe my style and I like my stills to have a filmic quality sometimes suggesting a narrative beyond the frame. I have applied this style to portraits, reportage, fashion, concept and in my day-to-day events work.

When I am not shooting you will find me teaching photography classes around London with Frui (http://www.frui.co.uk/).


Publications: The Guardian, Photo Professional Magazine, SYN Magazine, Source, and Volume Magazine.

Exhibition: See Me Gallery, New York. The Lighthouse Gallery, Brighton and Hackney Museum, London.